Dr. Amanda Fencl

Amanda Fencl Photo

Amanda is a PhD candidate in the Geography Graduate Group, an NSF Graduate Research Fellow (2014-2019) and  NSF Climate Change, Water and Society IGERT (2013-2015) trainee. Her dissertation is focusing on identifying existing and future vulnerable areas to drought-related drinking water shortages and ways to build resilience to future droughts. From April 2014 - 2017, she worked part-time in the Governor's Office of Planning and Research supporting the Drought Task Force's working group on small systems and emergency drinking water, and the state's database for reporting household water shortages.  A 2018 CA Water Data Challenge collaborative project builds on this work (http://goo.gl/RCP92a).  In 2015, also she started working with Dr. Julia Ekstrom at the UC Davis Policy Institute's Climate Adaptation Initiative to look at extreme event impacts on California's drinking water quality. In 2018, we published a technical report on small drinking water systems and drought for California's 4th Climate Assessment. 

Prior to attending UC Davis, she was a Staff Scientist at the US Center of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and worked on a range of projects from Thai farmer social-networks and on-farm innovation, water scarcity in a low-carbon economy, to mapping and assessing climate vulnerability and planning for adaptation. As a Tufts University undergraduate, Amanda spent 1.5 years researching microfinance and social-ecological system resilience in Madagascar.

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