Angee Doerr

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Ecology Alumn


Angee is an alumni of the UC Davis's Graduate Group in Ecology, Department of Environmental Science and Policy. She is currently working as a California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) Policy Fellow, and is assigned to the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Water. Her dissertation work examined the intersection of social science and natural science, by looking into policies leading to the sustainable use of natural resources in developing countries. Specifically, Angee focused on marine resource use in the Bahamas, particularly the Caribbean spiny lobster fishery. Along with her dissertation work, Angee has published an encyclopedia chapter on Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries and two manuscripts. The first was a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for a National Seashore and the second reexamined conservation monitoring, approaching it as an investment decision. Angee is a Switzer Fellow and a Packard Conservation Management Fellow. Angee's graduate advisor was CEPB's Jim Sanchirico.