Jacob Hileman

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Position Title
Postdoctoral Researcher, Stockholm Resilience Center

  • Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group

I’m a (recently graduated) PhD student in the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group, and I study water governance from a complex social-ecological systems perspective. My dissertation is being carried out in partnership with the Global Water Initiative in Central America, and focuses on two core governance challenges practitioners are facing: (1) managing conflicts among water-users and other stakeholders, and (2) improving coordination among governance actors working at multiple interacting geographic and institutional scales.

In my work I frequently draw on complex social-ecological systems theory to frame research questions and identify study variables, and I employ both qualitative (e.g. case study comparison) and quantitative (e.g. network analysis) methods to test hypotheses. I believe strongly in the value of interdisciplinary approaches to scientific problem-solving, and my research experiences inside and outside of academia blend methods and tools from the fields of watershed hydrology, natural resources management, political science, international development, and sustainability science.