Susie Pike

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Center for Environmental Poilcy and Behavior

2125A Wickson Hall

My research is centered around environmental outcomes and sustainable transportation with an emphasis on the policy implications of individual decision-making and social processes. As a postdoctoral researcher I study emerging on-demand and shared transportation services. These Innovative new services have the potential to significantly alter transportation accessibility and travel patterns; and may reduce or induce greenhouse gas emissions. My doctoral research  investigates the role of social networks and social influence in travel behavior. Social networks may be incorporated into programs aimed at increasing the use of sustainable transportation modes through processes such as information sharing, and the establishment of social norms. See the Social Networks and Travel Behavior project page for more details.

Environmental Policy
My interests are in environmental policy and transportation planning. I focus on the environmental and policy implications of individual behaviors and strive to work with policy makers and planners to address complex environmental problems.
Travel Behavior
My recent work includes the study of social influence in transportation mode choice and as a tool in sustainable transportation programs. The next phase of this ongoing project will evaluate pilot programs incorporating social influence strategies.
Sustainable Transportation
As a postdoctoral scholar I study the potential for environmental and social benefits of emerging on-demand, shared and app-based transportation services. These quickly changing alternatives and services have the potential to significantly alter  transportation systems, accessibility and travel behavior; for better or worse.

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