Jess Rudnick

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I am a third year PhD Student in the Graduate Group in Ecology.  I am interested in social-ecological systems and looking at the influence of social networks and group learning on decision-making processes and risk management behaviors in agroecological systems in California. In California, I have been closely studying agricultural nitrogen management for its importance to water quality, soil health and greenhouse gas emissions.  I am also broadly interested in how different agricultural systems globally are adapting to and building resilience within rapidly changing climates.  I worked as a research fellow with the California Department of Food and Agriculture to develop international partnerships, education and outreach materials on climate-smart agriculture practices and incentive programs, to assist growers and agricultural advisors in adapting to changing climates, resource availability, and policies in both California and abroad. Prior to coming to UC Davis, I received my bachelor's degree from Washington University in St. Louis and worked with community development organizations on urban farming projects in St. Louis.