Linda Estelí Méndez Barrientos

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Position Title
PhD candidate

2126 Wickson Hall

Hi! I am a PhD candidate in Ecology at UC Davis, specializing in environmental governance and computational social science. My research seeks to improve our understanding of power asymmetries among actors, and how it shapes institutional change and policy implementation as new institutions are deliberated and co-created. To do this, I combine participant observation, in-depth interviews, ethnographic methods, as well as survey, archival and network analysis.

For my dissertation, I am studying how inequality and power asymmetries among organizations and people shape the implementation of groundwater management reform in California. Previously, I studied South Africa's monumental land and water reform in its effort to address apartheid's heritage of inequality. 

I enjoy teaching, mentoring and serve in various committees to improve diversity and access to higher education at UC Davis. I have been awarded various prestigious scholarships which have supported my education in the U.S. and Europe, including the National Science Foundation GRFP & CCWAS IGERT (at UC Davis), European Commission AGRIS MUNDUS (at Wageningen University and Montpellier SupAgro), among others. I hold two masters degree, one on Water Management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and the other on Agricultural Policy from Montpellier SupAgro in France, and I also have advocacy experience in California working with the Environmental Defense Fund. When I am not working, you can find me in my garden, outdoors swimming and running, or climbing mountains.


Peer review:

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Working papers:
- Méndez-Barrientos, L.E., Rudnick, J., DeVincentis, A., Dahlquist-Willard, R., Lowry, B. & Gould, K. (submitted). Drought as a Driver of Change? Farmer participation in groundwater management in California.
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Outreach reports:
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